Replacing an FX30E/FX60E - Facility Explorer - Part No. 24-10174-115 - Supervisory Device - FX Supervisory Controller

FX30E/FX60E Supervisory Controllers Installation Instructions

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FX Supervisory Controller
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10174-115
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About this task

Important: Before handling circuit boards, discharge any accumulated static by touching the metal surface of the FX30E/FX60E.


  1. Use FX Workbench to back up the FX30E/FX60E configuration to your computer.
  2. Remove power to the FX30E/FX60E. The unit powers down automatically.
    Note: If NDIO accessory modules are installed, and any I/O points have voltage, turn the devices off or disconnect power from them.
  3. Note the positions of all communications and other wiring cables going to the FX30E/FX60E, as well as all installed accessory modules (if they must be removed). If necessary, label connectors and accessory modules to avoid misconnection later when you are replacing the FX30E/FX60E.
  4. Unplug all Ethernet, serial, LON, modem, and I/O connectors from the FX30E/FX60E.
  5. Unplug the earth ground wire.
  6. If an NDIO accessory module is installed:
    1. If DIN rail mounting with DIN end clips were used, you may be able to remove the DIN rail end clip that secures the FX30E/FX60E end of the assembly and then slide the FX30E/FX60E away from the rest of the assembly. Then, remove the FX30E/FX60E from the DIN rail (see Figure 2), leaving the mounting and wiring of the NDIO modules untouched. Go to Step 5.
    2. If tab (screw) mounting was used instead of DIN rail mounting, or if a combination of DIN rail mounting and tab screws were used, remove the accessory modules first, then remove the FX30E/FX60E. Carefully observe all wiring terminations, then unplug the I/O connector plugs and earth ground wires from the installed NDIO modules. Remove the installed accessory modules, starting with the end module. You can secure modules with screws through the mounting tabs or clipped to a DIN rail, or fastened by some combination. Remove any screws fastening the FX30E/FX60E and remove the FX30E/FX60E.
  7. Remove the cover from the old FX30E/FX60E (see Removing and replacing the cover). Note the position of installed option boards, if any. You must transfer them to the replacement FX30E/FX60E.
  8. Remove the option boards from the old FX30E/FX60E and install them into the replacement FX30E/FX60E, if applicable. See Mounting option cards.
  9. Mount the replacement FX30E/FX60E as it was previously, using the same DIN rail location or screws.
  10. Reconnect or remount any removed accessory modules, being careful to replace them in the same order, using the same DIN rail location or screws. Secure all accessory modules as done previously.
  11. Reconnect the earth ground wires to the FX30E/FX60E grounding lug and any installed accessory modules.
  12. Reconnect any Ethernet, serial, modem, and I/O connectors to the FX30E/FX60E and any installed accessory modules.
  13. If using NDIO modules, and if any of your I/O points have voltage, turn on the devices or reconnect power to them.
  14. Restore power to the FX30E/FX60E. To verify operation, see Checking the status LEDs
  15. Use FX Workbench to recommission the FX30E/FX60E and install the saved station database.