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FX30E/FX60E Supervisory Controllers Installation Instructions

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FX Supervisory Controller
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10174-115
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Servicing the FX30E/FX60E may call for replacement parts.

Non-replaceable Parts

Other than the parts listed in the Standard Replacement Parts section, no serviceable components are on the base assembly.


Any addition, modification, or replacement of memory components requires software configuration changes and is not field upgradeable. For additional information on modifying the memory capacity of the FX30E/FX60E, consult your local sales representative.


The FX30E/FX60E contains a non-user replaceable fuse soldered on the circuit board. This fuse provides protection from internal shorts or connection to incorrect power supplies. If the fuse circuitry is suspect, contact your technical support representative for assistance.