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FX30E/FX60E Supervisory Controllers Installation Instructions

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FX Supervisory Controller
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10174-115
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About this task

When shipped, a new FX30E/FX60E Series controller is pre-configured with an IP address of and a default subnet mask of


  1. Use the Microsoft® Windows® Network Connections utility on your workstation to configure your Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/IP settings with an IP address of and subnet mask of
  2. Make an Ethernet connection to the FX30E/FX60E.
  3. Run the FX Workbench application.
  4. On the File Menu, click Open Remote Station.
    1. Enter the Remote Site Address (, Remote Platform User Name (jci), and Remote Password. Contact your local Johnson Controls representative for the remote password. Click OK.
    2. When the Authentication dialog box appears, enter the Station User Name (admin), and password. Contact your local Johnson Controls representative for the password. Click OK.

    At this point you are prompted to choose a strong password. A strong password consists of at least eight characters with at least one numeric and one alpha-numeric character. Be sure to guard and remember this password.

    Note: Starting in Release 6.1, a blank (empty) password is not allowed. Further, if the UserService is configured for strong passwords (property Require Strong Passwords)–now the default–the password must be a minimum of eight characters, with at least one being a numeral (0-9) or any other special character, such as !, @, #, $, or %.
  5. The station running on the FX30E/FX60E opens with the FX Workbench application, which has a Navigation Tree on the left and a Display Window on the right. In the Navigation Tree, open the Administration folder. Double-click the TCP IP Configuration option.
  6. On the TCP/IP Configuration screen, make sure the Interfaces field is expanded so that the IP Address and Subnet Mask fields appear. Modify the Gateway, IP Address and Subnet Mask fields, and click Save. When prompted to Reboot Now, click Yes. Give the FX30E/FX60E a couple of minutes to reboot and restart the station that is installed.
    Note: If the following message appears, click OK. The changes are saved anyway.