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FX30E/FX60E Supervisory Controllers Installation Instructions

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FX Supervisory Controller
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Part No. 24-10174-115
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An FX30E/FX60E allows two separate and configurable methods to preserve unsaved station data when power quality events occur, including loss of primary power or low-voltage dips (brownout):

  • Using the integral Static RAM (SRAM) on the FX30E/FX60E.

    This default method allows the unit to operate battery-less (without installing the optional NiMH battery pack). Note in this configuration, a reboot is likely to occur when a power outage or voltage dip is sustained for more than one AC line cycle (1/50th or 1/60th of a second) or a number of line cycles, depending on the load and power supply. Critical station data already is saved prior to any power quality event, but the NiMH battery option is available to prevent nuisance controller reboots during extended or frequent power outages.

  • Using an optional on-board NiMH battery pack.

    Connecting the optional battery allows the controller to continue operation (without rebooting) over short power outages or brownouts lasting several seconds (or if also using SRAM, up to 10 minutes). For longer duration outages, the battery allows the controller to perform a controlled shutdown, safely backing up the station before shutting down.

    The FX30E/FX60E can use both the NiMH backup battery and available SRAM for backup protection. Configuring for both backup battery and SRAM support provides the most comprehensive backup protection. This configuration allows the FX30E/FX60E to handle brief power outages, while also protecting against a weak or aged battery.