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FX-ZFR1811 Wireless Field Bus Router Installation Instructions

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ZFR: Wireless Field Bus System
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Part No. 24-10325-29
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On the FX-PCV models, when the 128 bit switch on the address DIP switch is turned ON (to enable wireless operation), the FC and SA bus are swapped internally. All connections that were SA bus (RJ-12 and terminal blocks) are now FC bus connections. The terminal block connections marked for the FC bus are now connected internally to the SA bus.

If you have an installation that calls for a wired IOM connected to the SA Bus of a wireless-enabled FX-PCV controller, connect the IOM to the FC Bus Terminals (which are really the SA Bus terminals on an FX-PCV in wireless mode) as indicated in Figure 3 and Figure 4.


The FX-PCV controller have RJ-12 connectors on the FC bus and SA bus. These controllers do not require port swapping when in wireless mode.

Figure 1. FX-ZFRCBL accessory (Not to scale)

Some connections require the use of the FX-ZFRCBL wire harness. To use the FX-ZFRCBL wire harness, make the connections as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2. For more information on using the FX-ZFRCBL accessory, refer to the FX-BTCVT Bluetooth® Commissioning Converter Installation Instruction (Part No. 24-10108-10).

Figure 2. Pin Number assignments for RJ-12 Jack

Figure 3. Connecting an FX-PCX to a wireless enabled FX-PCV
Figure 4. Wiring a Discharge Air Netsensor, Zone Netsensor with terminal block, or FX-PCX to a wireless-enabled FX-PCG or FX-PCX