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FX-ZFR1811 Wireless Field Bus Router Installation Instructions

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ZFR: Wireless Field Bus System
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10325-29
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Table 1. Connecting the FX-ZFR1811 router to a Field Controller

FX-PC Controller Model

Plug the FX-ZFR1811 Router Connector Cable into the Following Jack on the Field Controller:

Connection Points for the Controller Configuration Tool (CCT) and Other SA Bus Products

Use this Communications Port between WEFC and Wired IOMs, WRZ Sensors, or VFDs:

FX-PCA FC Bus RJ-12 Jack SA Bus RJ-12 Jack SA Bus Terminals
FX-PCG FC Bus RJ-12 Jack SA Bus RJ-12 Jack SA Bus Terminals
FX-PCX SA/FC Bus RJ-12 Jack Not available in wireless mode. Use CCT with ZFR Dongle. N/A
FXPCV1610/ 1620 SA Bus RJ-12 Jack Use ZFRCBL Cable FC Bus Terminals
FXPCV1615/ 1630 FC Bus RJ-12 Jack SA Bus RJ-12 Jack SA Bus Terminals

1 SA Bus Products include the DIS1710 Local Controller Display, the FX-BTCVT Wireless Commissioning Converter, and the NS Series (hard-wired) Network Sensors, Balancing Sensors, and Discharge Air Temperature Sensors.
2 FX-PCXs cannot be used in wireless mode to extend the IO of a field controller. You must always hardwire FX-PCXss to their host field controller.
3 Do not connect any device to the SA Bus/FC Bus terminal block when using the FX-PCX with a FX-ZFR1811.