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FX-WRZTTB00-5 Handheld Temperature Room Sensor Installation Instructions

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WRZ: Wireless Room Sensing System
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10724-19
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The two AA alkaline batteries supplied with the FX-WRZ Series Sensor typically have a life of 48 months (36 months minimum). The temperature sensor reports a low battery condition to the receiver or controller, which relays the low battery condition to the FX Supervisory Controller.

When battery power is low, Lo bAt flashes in the display on the face of the sensor.

Note: Replace both batteries at the same time. Batteries removed from this device must be recycled or disposed of in accordance with local, national, and regional regulations. Only certified technicians or qualified building maintenance personnel should service Johnson Controls® products. Lithium batteries with a maximum cell voltage of 1.5 volts can be substituted to extend the period between battery replacement. Do not mix lithium and alkaline batteries in this device.
Table 1. Accessories ordering information
Code number Description
FX-WRZSST-120 Wireless Sensing System Tool: For Use with an FX-WRZ Handheld Temperature Room Sensor, to Function as a Site Survey Tool for the FX-WRZ78xx-0 One-to-One Room Temperature Sensing System, or for the FX-ZFR1800 Series or FX-WNC1800/ZFR182x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus Systems
T-4000-119 Allen-Head Adjustment Tool: 1/16 in. (1.6 mm), 30 Tools per Bag