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FX-WRZTTB00-5 Handheld Temperature Room Sensor Installation Instructions

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WRZ: Wireless Room Sensing System
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10724-19
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  1. Cut the tether cable to the desired length using the measurement taken in Preparing to Install and Mount the Sensor.
    Figure 1. Cutting the tether cable

  2. Remove the temperature sensor cover from its base by loosening the set screw. See Figure 1.
  3. Remove the temperature sensor housing from its mounting base.
  4. Slide the aluminum sleeve onto the cable.
    Figure 2. Placing the aluminum sleeve on the tether cable

  5. Feed the tether cable through the holes at the top of the base, and then insert the tether cable into the second opening in the aluminum sleeve.
    Figure 3. Tether cable placement

  6. Slide the aluminum sleeve toward the temperature sensor base.
    Figure 4. Temperature sensor secured to the tether cable

  7. Crimp the aluminum sleeve to secure the temperature sensor to the tether cable.
    Note: Use a soft cloth to protect the sleeve from being marred or damaged while crimping the sleeve.
  8. When positioned correctly, the arrow between the terminal slots on the inside of the mounting base points up. Ensure that the mounting base is upright (tamper-resistant set screw on top) and press the base firmly onto the clean mounting surface.
    Important: Do not power up the FX-WRZ Handheld Temperature Room Sensor until a receiver or controller is installed and operating within the same radio frequency (RF) range. If this condition is not met, the sensor uses a higher-than-normal battery current as it attempts to find a receiver or controller within range, resulting in reduced battery life.
  9. Align the tabs on the bottom edge of the mounting base with the slots on the bottom edge of the sensor housing, and rotate the sensor assembly onto its mounting base.
  10. Use a 1/16 in. (1.6 mm) Allen wrench or a Johnson Controls T-4000-119 Allen-Head Adjustment Tool to tighten the tamper-resistant set screw and secure the temperature sensor assembly onto its mounting base.