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FX-WRZ Series One-to-One Wireless Room Sensing System Technical Bulletin

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WRZ: Wireless Room Sensing System
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Technical Bulletin
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When commissioning and configuring a control system with several One-to-One wireless room sensing systems and multiple sensors, receivers, and controllers, we strongly recommend that you obtain a set of the building plans, the HVAC plans, and the building specifications.

Use the building plans and specifications to determine the best line-of-sight RF pathways, and the potential locations for the sensors and receivers. Test the potential device locations to determine if the RF signal strength is adequate; then, adjust the device locations as necessary.

Note: A successful wireless field bus system requires that a minimum wireless signal strength is maintained between system components. Component location is an important part of system design. Distance, metal objects, and other obstructions can reduce or completely block the wireless signal transmissions.

You should create a sensor/receiver association table to record all of the device addresses, and a device map that shows the locations of all sensors, receivers, and supported FX-PC controllers for the final as-built control system.

Note: Do not create duplicate RF addresses on any of the receivers at your job site. Duplicate RF addresses can cause a variety of problems in One-to-One applications.