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FX-WRZ Series One-to-One Wireless Room Sensing System Technical Bulletin

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WRZ: Wireless Room Sensing System
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Technical Bulletin
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The FX-WRZ7860 Receiver (Figure 4) receives wireless data messages from FX-WRZ Series Sensors and communicates that data through a hard-wired Sensor Actuator (SA) Bus connection to a Johnson Controls® FX-PCV or FX-PCG controller .

Figure 1. FX-WRZ7860 Receiver physical features and dimensions, in. (mm)

The FX-WRZ7860 Receiver collects wireless data transmissions that contain the sensed zone temperature and humidity, the zone temperature setpoint, the zone occupancy override request, signal strength measurements, and sensor low-battery conditions from one to five associated FX-WRZ Series Wireless Sensors. The receiver then processes the zone data and delivers that data directly to a single controller through a hard-wired SA Bus interface.

The FX-WRZ7860 Receiver has a 6-pin RJ-12 port for the SA Bus interface with a controller, two LEDs that indicate RF signal and SA Bus status, and two DIP switch blocks for setting the TRANSMITTER ID address and AREA address (Figure 5). The RF signal LED also changes from green to red if any of the associated sensors reports a low battery voltage level. The receiver obtains nominal 15 VDC power from the SA Bus.