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FX Supervisory Controller Family Software Products Release 14.x Installation Guide

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About this task

Note: If you are installing an FX Supervisory Software license on a computer that already has a license for Niagara-based software, see Maintaining Multiple Installation of Niagara Supervisory Software before continuing.

FX Supervisory Software requires a valid license file for operation. Each license file is specific to the host computer. The Niagara software generates a unique host ID for each device. The host ID appears in the first line of the license file (a digitally signed text or .xml file).

A valid license is required for FX Supervisory Software to operate. Contact Software Manufacturing to order the appropriate license. The license is keyed to the host ID of the computer or server host. The host ID of the computer is obtained immediately after installing the FX Supervisory software. Provide this host ID to Software Manufacturing ( to obtain a keyed license.

This section describes the how to obtain a valid license for the FX Supervisory Software on your host computer.

When the FX Supervisory Software starts, a Request License dialog box appears.

Figure 1. Request a License Window


  1. Select and copy all the text from the body of the Request License dialog box.
  2. Paste the copied text into an email message.
  3. Replace the information in the brackets of the copied text:
    • Sales Order Number: <sales order number>
    • Purchased From: <purchased from>
    • Sales Order Item Number: <sales order item number>
    • Your Name: <your name>
    • Your Email Address: <your email address>
    Note: Ensure the host ID is included in the email message body.
  4. Send your license request in an email message to Johnson Controls Software Manufacturing (

    Johnson Controls Software manufacturing processes and validates your license request. An email reply from the licensing server containing the license file and the instructions on installing the license file is sent to your email address.

    Typically, to install the license file, you unzip the .zip file attached in the email reply and paste the contents of the unzipped .zip file into the license folder of your FXWorkbench-X.X software product installation directory.