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FX Supervisory Controller Family Software Products Release 14.x Installation Guide

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  1. Close all applications on the host computer.
  2. Unzip the FX Supervisory Software release file downloaded from the Facility Explorer Community in Solution Navigator.
  3. Browse to the location of the software product you intend to install.
    Figure 1. Choose setup for 64-bit host

  4. Right-click on the installer file for your system and select Run as Administrator. The FX Supervisory Software Installation window appears.
  5. Click Next to begin the software installation.
  6. Select Yes to accept the license agreement.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Specify the destination folder.
    Note: By default, the destination folder is C:JCI\FXWorkbench-X.X or C:JCI\FXServer-X.X for FX Server installations. You may specify a different destination folder or drive for installation. However, we recommend that you use the default destination folder.

    To specify a different destination folder or drive, click Browse. If you specify a different destination folder, click Refresh to update the Space Available data. The Space Available field displays the drive space available for the installation files.

  9. Select the This instance of Workbench will be used as an installation tool and Install Documentation check boxes.
  10. Click Next.
  11. If you specified a folder that does not exist, a warning dialog box appears.
    Click Yes to create the folder and to continue with the installation process. The Select Options window appears.
  12. Keep the default options and click Next. When the FX Workbench installation is complete, the Finish Install window appears.
  13. To launch FX Workbench upon clicking Finish, select the Launch Workbench check box.
  14. To install and start the platform daemon, select the Install and Start Platform Daemon check box.
  15. Click Finish.

    When the installation is complete, the Niagara platform daemon installs and starts automatically. The Niagara platform daemon is required to support the operation of a station and acts as a server for the platform connections (from the computers running the FX Workbench client).

    If a prior installation of FX Supervisory software exists on the same computer, a window prompts you to restart the platform daemon.

    Figure 2. Platform Daemon Restart Window

  16. Click Continue.
  17. Restart the platform daemon from the Start Menu shortcut.