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The Facility Explorer® (FX) Server software expands the capabilities of one or more FX supervisory controllers, in addition to managing IP field devices directly. The FX Server collects, stores, and provides access to large amounts of information, such as alarms, events, and histories, sourced from one or more FX supervisory controllers. The FX Server also coordinates the integration of multiple FX supervisory controllers that are networked together on a single project by providing network-wide automation and coordination. This includes master scheduling, system-wide database management, and integration with enterprise software applications and from IP field devices.

The FX Server includes a graphical user interface and configuration tool that you can access with a web browser. Multiple users can concurrently connect to the FX Server. You can manage user security and presentation preferences through user profiles, logon IDs, and passwords. You can easily achieve remote access from an intranet, WAN, LAN, and internet connection.

Figure 1. FX Server