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Facility Explorer
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FX Server
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Web-based user interface
Features an intuitive new interface that is modern and easy to use. The HTML5 profile provides a more robust web experience.
Powerful security
Provides a defense-in-depth approach to security that requires users to use strong credentials. Provides encrypted data and easy to configure user permissions.
Centralized enterprise‑wide information
Provides a single access point for a project that consists of multiple FX supervisory controllers or multiple IP field controllers.
Large storage repository for alarms, events, and histories
Access and archive large amounts of historical information.
Niagara® analytics
Allows you to apply a variety of analytic algorithms and diagnostics to both historical and real-time data.
Modernized graphics
At Release 14.11.4, the FX Supervisory Software user interface is enhanced with modern, 3D photorealistic graphics to help users quickly and easily navigate their FX system.
Figure 1. Example of a Facility Explorer configuration
Callout Component
1 Browser
2 Mobile device
3 FX Workbench
4 FX Server
5 Ethernet, TCP/IP, HTTP, BACnet
6 F4-SNC Supervisory Controller
7 MS/TP Bus
8 FX80 Supervisory Controller
9 F4-CVM Equipment Controller
10 F4-CGM Equipment Controller
11 SA Bus
12 F4-XPM Expansion Module
13 TEC3000 Color Series Thermostat