Troubleshooting - Facility Explorer - Part No. 24-10144-173 - FX-PCX2721-0 - Field Device - FX-PCX27 Expansion Input/Output Module

FX-PCX2721 Expansion Input/Output Module Installation Instructions

Product name
FX-PCX27 Expansion Input/Output Module
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10144-173
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Observe the Status LEDs on the front of the expansion module. Table 1 provides LED status indicator information for troubleshooting the expansion module.

Table 1. Status LEDs and description of LED states
LED label LED color Normal LED state Description of LED states



On Steady

Off Steady = No Supply Power or the expansion module’s polyswitch/resettable fuse is open. Check Output wiring for short circuits and cycle power to expansion module.

On Steady = Power Connected



Off Steady

Off Steady = No Faults

On Steady = Device Fault; no application loaded; Main Code download required, if expansion module is in Boot mode, or a firmware mismatch exists between the FX-PCX and the FX-ZFR1811 Wireless Field Bus Router.

Blink - 2 Hz = Download or Startup in progress, not ready for normal operation



Blink - 2 Hz

Blink - 2 Hz = Data Transmission (normal communication)

Off Steady = No Data Transmission (N/A - auto baud not supported)

On Steady = Communication lost, waiting to join communication ring



Off (Except on terminating devices)

On Steady = EOL switch in ON position

Off Steady = EOL switch in OFF position