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FX-PCX2721 Expansion Input/Output Module Installation Instructions

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FX-PCX27 Expansion Input/Output Module
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10144-173
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About this task

Important: Electrostatic discharge can damage expansion module components. Use proper electrostatic discharge precautions during installation, setup, and servicing to avoid damaging the expansion module.
Important: Disconnect all power sources to the expansion module before removing cover and changing the position of any jumper or the EOL switch on the expansion module. Failure to disconnect power before changing a jumper or EOL switch position can result in damage to the expansion module and void any warranties.

The expansion module cover is held in place by four plastic latches that extend from the base and snap into slots on the inside of the housing cover.

To remove the expansion module cover, complete the following steps:


  1. Place your fingernails under the two cover lift tabs (Figure 1) on the sides of the housing cover and gently pry the top of the cover away from the base to release the cover from the two upper latches.
  2. Pivot the top of the cover further to release it from the lower two latches.
  3. Replace the cover by placing it squarely over the base, and then gently and evenly push the cover on to the latches until they snap into the latched position.
    Figure 1. Controller with cover removed