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FX-PCVs are programmable digital controllers tailored for VAV applications that can be switched between MS/TP and N2 Communications protocols. When they are used as MS/TP devices, they communicate through the BACnet® MS/TP protocol. In N2 mode, they can be used as replacements for legacy Johnson Controls® controllers.

Note: When replacing a VMA1400 Series controller on an existing N2 network, the FX-PCV18 Series controller is the preferred device because certain existing sensor models can be reused. FX-PCV18 controllers are intended for use as functional replacements for the VMA1410, VMA1415, VMA1420, and VMA1440 controllers only. FX-PCV18 controllers support field-selectable BACnet MS/TP or N2 protocols.

The FX-PCV1930 programmable controller uses BACnet/IP networking for higher speed communication with the Controller Configuration Tool (CCT) and improved bandwidth. This gives you more flexibility in choosing controllers for your site's specific needs.

The FX-PCV1615 and FX-PCV1930 controllers feature an integral digital differential pressure transducer (DPT), an integral damper actuator, and a 32-bit microprocessor. The controllers' small package size facilitates quick field installation and efficient use of space, while not compromising high-tech control performance. These controllers easily adapt NS Series Network Sensors for zone and discharge air temperature sensing.

Figure 1. FX-PCV1615 Controller

The FX-PCV1626 Controller is shipped with an actuator but without a differential pressure transducer (DPT), making the controller well suited for commercial zoning applications or for pressure-dependent VAV box applications where no DPT is required.

The FX-PCV1656 controller is shipped without a differential pressure transducer but with an integrated actuator and ball valve linkage. This controller is for use on the Johnson Controls VG-1000 1/2 to 1 inch valves and needs to be used primarily as a replacement for the FX-PCV assembly of the VG-1000 Series Smart Valve product. The smart valve product line is ideal for chilled beam applications.

The FX-PCV1628 includes a DPT but does not have an actuator. Without an actuator, this controller is well suited for controlling large VAV boxes that require more than 4 N•m of torque.

These features make the FX-PCV16 controllers the product of choice for VAV systems. The wide variety of network sensor models provides options for measuring and displaying zone temperature, occupancy detection, duct temperature, zone humidity and dewpoint determination, carbon dioxide (CO2) level, setpoint adjustments, VAV box fan speed control, and discharge air temperatures.

The FX-PCV18 models are designed to be functional replacements for the VMA14xx Series Variable Air Volume Modular Assembly Controllers. They contain a sensor bus port and accessories well suited for replacing VMA14xx Controllers.