Removing the actuator assembly gearbox - Facility Explorer - Part No. 24-10143-365 - Field Device - PCV: Programmable VAV Box Controller

FX-PCV Actuator Assembly Gearbox Replacement Kit Installation Instructions

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PCV: Programmable VAV Box Controller
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10143-365
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Important: Electrostatic discharge can damage controller components. Use proper electrostatic discharge precautions during servicing to avoid damaging the controller.
  1. Disconnect power to the FX-PCV controller.
  2. Disconnect the wiring to the FX-PCV controller.
  3. Loosen the output hub screw.
  4. Remove the screw from the captive spacer that secures the FX-PCV controller to the mounting surface (Figure 1).
  5. Place the FX-PCV controller on a solid surface to perform the actuator assembly gearbox replacement.
  6. Remove the cover screw that secures the FX-PCV cover to the actuator assembly gearbox (Figure 1).
    Figure 1. Cover screw location

  7. Separate the cover from the gearbox by gently inserting a screwdriver between the cover and gearbox near the captive spacer and prying off the cover (Figure 1).
    Figure 2. Cover removal location

  8. Starting on one end, gently pry back the three tabs that secure the circuit board to the actuator assembly gearbox one at a time, and then slide the circuit board out of the actuator assembly gearbox (Figure 3).
    Figure 3. Circuit board tabs

  9. Gently tilt the circuit board until you are able to see the motor plug on the underside of the circuit board (Figure 4).
    Figure 4. Plug connectors

  10. Unplug the motor from the underside of the circuit board.
  11. Remove the dual port fitting from the original actuator assembly gearbox by gently sliding out of the slot (Figure 5). Notice how the orientation of the ports are arranged top to bottom. Carefully set the circuit board on a flat surface.
Figure 5. Sliding dual port fitting out