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FX-PCA3611 Advanced Application Programmable Controller Installation Instructions

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Part No. 24-10143-616
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The 24 VAC supply power terminal block is a gray, removable, 3-terminal plug that fits into a board-mounted jack on the top right of the controller.

Wire the 24 VAC supply power wires from the transformer to the HOT and COM terminals on the terminal plug as shown in Figure 1. Do not use the middle terminal on the supply power terminal block. See Table 1 for more information about the Supply Power Terminal Block.

Figure 1. 24 VAC supply power terminal block wiring

Note: The supply power wire colors may be different on transformers from other manufacturers. Refer to the transformer manufacturer’s instructions and the project installation drawings for wiring details.
Important: Connect 24 VAC supply power to the controller and all other network devices so that transformer phasing is uniform across the network devices. Powering network devices with uniform 24 VAC supply power phasing reduces noise, interference, and ground loop problems. The controller does not require an earth ground connection.