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FX-PCA3611 Advanced Application Programmable Controller Installation Instructions

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PCA: Advanced Application Programmable Controller
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10143-616
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The FX-PCA3611 controllers can communicate using BACnet MS/TP, N2, or wireless Zigbee. By default, the FX-PC family controllers and network sensors communicate using the standard BACnet® protocol, based on the ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2004.

The BACnet protocol is a standard for ANSI, ASHRAE, and the International Standards Organization (ISO) for building controls.

FX-PCG, FX-PCX, and FX-PCV controllers are BTL tested and listed as BACnet Application Specific Controllers (B-ASCs). FX-PCA field controllers are BTL-listed as BACnet Advanced Application Controllers (B-AACs). The NS Series Sensors are BTL-listed as BACnet Smart Sensors (B-SSs).

Release 10.1 of the Controller Configuration Tool (CCT) 13.0 can be used to switch the Field Bus communications protocol in FX-PC Controllers to be either the standard BACnet MS/TP or the N2 protocol. BACnet MS/TP is the default communications protocol for all new controllers. Switchable communications protocols provide a cost-effective upgrade and modernization path for customers with existing N2 controllers. The Modernization Guide for Legacy N2 Controllers (LIT-12012045) and the controller-specific documentation provide installation and commissioning support and include tips for efficient and safe replacement. Refer to the N2 Compatibility Options chapter of the Controller Tool Help (LIT-12011147) for information about mapping N2 Objects in controllers with switchable communications protocols. The N2-capable FX-PC controllers can be used as functional replacements for legacy N2 controllers.

The N2-capable FX-PC controllers:
  • have the I/O quantities and characteristics of the FX-PC family controllers
  • must be programmed with CCT 13.0 and later, which has programming capabilities that are similar (but not identical) to HVACPro, GX9100, GPL, and other legacy tools
  • support SA Bus devices
  • support FX-WRZ wireless sensors from the controller using the FX-WRZ7860 receiver when configured for BACnet MS/TP communication
The N2-capable FX-PC controllers:
  • do not support Zone Bus (for example, TMZ sensors and M100 actuators)
  • do not support pass through in the commissioning mode
  • do not support remote downloading or commissioning using BACnet routing
  • do not support wireless connection to the N2 bus