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FX-PCA3611 Advanced Application Programmable Controller Installation Instructions

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PCA: Advanced Application Programmable Controller
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Part No. 24-10143-616
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The FX-PCA3611-0 model has been significantly upgraded and now includes a fast persistence feature that allows you to retain data values at a configurable interval, up to once per second. Persistence refers to how often samples of data are stored locally. This upgrade to the persistence feature ensures that in the event of a problem, such as a loss of power, more recent data can be retrieved up to the rate that the data is persisted, minimizing the potential loss of data. When power is restored, previously persisted data, up to the rate of persistence, is still available and accessible. When persistence is configured for once per second, you risk losing only the most recent one second of data before the power loss. Persisting data may be essential for situations that require greater data accuracy. This may include certain methods of utility data collection and billing

Attributes that can be persisted in the FX-PCA3611-0 include: Counter Input Present Value Attributes, Binary Input, Binary Output, and Binary Value COS Counts and Active Time Attributes, and PID/PRAC tuning parameters.