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F4-CV Series VAV Box Controllers Catalog Page

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F4-CVM VAV Box Controller
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Table 1. CV series information including point type counts
  F4- CVM03050-0 F4- CVM03050-0P F4- CVE03050-0P
Communication protocols

CVM models: BACnet MS/TP, N2, or Zigbee Wireless using add-on modules

CVE models: BACnet/SC or BACnet/IP

Modular jacks

CVM models: FC and SA Bus modular ports: RJ-12 6-pin modular jacks

CVE models: RJ-12 6-pin sensor port

Point types Signals accepted:
Universal Input (UI)

15 VDC Power Source (Provides 35mA total current source)

Analog Input - Voltage Mode (0–10 VDC)

Analog Input - Resistive Mode (0–600k ohm), RTD (1k Nickel [Johnson Controls sensor], 1k PT, A998 SI), NTC (10k Type L, 2.252k Type 2)

Binary Input - Dry Contact Maintained Mode

3 3 3
Configurable Output (CO)

Analog Output - Voltage Mode (0–10 VDC)

Binary Output - 24 VAC Triac

Analog Output Signal Common

Binary Output Signal Common

2 2 2
Binary Output (BO) Binary Output - 24 VAC Triac 3 3 3
Integrated actuator Internal 1 1 1
Differential pressure transducer Internal 1 1 1
Integrated feedback potentiometer Internal No Yes Yes
SA Bus Supports up to 10 total wired SA Bus devices, including the XPM and PCX series I/O expansion modules and up to 4 NS series network sensors.
WRZ sensors Support up to 9 WRZ sensors when using the ZFR Pro Series wireless router configuration
Support up to 5 WRZ sensors when using the one-to-one WRZ-7860 wireless configuration