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F4-CGM General Purpose Application Controller
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Figure 1. F4-CG General Purpose Application Controllers

The CG series general purpose application controllers are well-suited for controlling a wide variety of facility and HVAC equipment, including fan coils, air handling units, packaged HVAC equipment, and central plant equipment. CG series controllers run pre-engineered and user-programmed applications.

CG series controllers include an integral real-time clock, which enables the controllers to monitor and control schedules, calendars, and trends, and operate for extended periods of time as standalone controllers when offline from the Facility Explorer system network. Some models feature an integral color display with a navigation keypad that enables enhanced local monitoring of controlled field equipment.

CGE controllers communicate using the BACnet® Secure Connect (BACnet/SC) or BACnet/IP communication protocols. CGM controllers are switchable to use either the BACnet MS/TP or N2 communications protocol. Equipment controllers in BACnet/SC, BACnet/IP, or BACnet MS/TP communication mode are BACnet network-compliant devices. You can use controllers running in N2 mode to maintain or modernize sites with installed legacy Johnson Controls® controllers.

For product application details, refer to the Facility Explorer CG, CV Equipment Controllers Product Bulletin (LIT-12013225).