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DX-PCA-Adapter Installation Instructions

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The FX-PCA3613-0 is the controller used with the DX-PCA-Adapter and is a functional replacement for the DX-9100-8454 Series Extended Digital Controller. The DX-9100 series controller was very popular and was used primarily for central plant and air handling unit control. However, the controller's flexible programmability enabled it to be applied to a wide variety of equipment control applications, especially those requiring custom configurations. Also, its onboard real-time clock made it popular for stand-alone equipment control applications.

The FX-PCA3613-0 is capable of using either the N2 or the BACnet® MS/TP communication protocol. You must program the PCA3613 controller with the Controller Configuration Tool (CCT), which has similar, but not identical programming capabilities as the GX-9100. Use Release 10.1 of CCT and later to switch the field bus communications protocol in the PCA to either MS/TP or N2 communications protocol. Johnson Controls® replaced most N2 protocol products with MS/TP protocol products. MS/TP is the default communication protocol for all new controllers. Switchable communication protocols (performed in CCT) provide a cost-effective upgrade and modernization path for customers with existing N2 controllers. See the Modernization Guide for Legacy N2 Controllers - Facility Explorer (LIT-12012045) for controller-specific documentation with installation and commissioning support as well as tips for efficient and safe replacement.

Note: The PCA3613 controller has a different dimensional footprint than the existing DX controller (PCA3613 Footprint) . The DX-PCA-Adapter provides a solution for both physical mounting of the replacement PCA in an existing control panel, as well as the re-termination of the inputs and outputs in the same panel based on the location of the terminals on the PCA versus the terminal locations on the DX controller. See Advantages of the DX-PCA-Adapter .
Figure 1. PCA3613 Footprint

Table 1. DX-9100 and PCA3613 replacement dimensions





200 mm (7.9 in.)

150 mm (5.9 in.)


84 mm (7.2 in.)

220 mm (8.7 in.)


100 mm (3.9 in.)

57.5 mm (2.3 in.)