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Note: The DX-ADPT-PCA4911 operates on BACnet/IP networks. It does not operate on BACnet MS/TP or N2 field bus networks. A site migration from N2 to a BACnet/IP network must be performed for the DX-ADPT-PCA4911 to operate.

The DX-ADPT-PCA4911 is a functional replacement for DX-9100-8454 Series Extended Digital Controller. The adapter comes with the Facility Explorer (FX-) PCA4911 Advanced Application Field Equipment Controller and operate on BACnet/ IP networks. It integrates into Johnson Controls® and third party systems. The DX-9100 series controller was very popular and was used primarily for central plant and air handling unit control. However, the controller's flexible programmability enabled it to be applied to a wide variety of equipment control applications, especially those requiring custom configurations. Also, its onboard realtime clock made it popular for stand-alone equipment control applications.