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The SA bus port on the face of the controller is an RJ-12, six-position modular jack that provides a connection for Johnson Controls network sensors with RJ-12 plugs. The preferred method to connect the devices to the SA bus is with the SA bus terminals, but the application does not prevent you from using the SA bus port connection. Make sure that you connect the correct device to the SA bus port.
Note: FW-VAV is not intended to support third-party devices on an SA bus.
Note: Do not use the modular SA bus port and the SA bus spade lug connection at the same time. Use only one connection at a time.
Figure 1. Pin number assignments for the SA bus port
Callout Description
1 Power
15 VDC max 240 mA
2 Bus and power common
3 Power
15 VDC max 240 mA
4 Bus and power common
5 Sensor bus negative terminal
6 Sensor bus positive terminal