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The FW-VAV is a network VAV (variable air volume) input/output controller with Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as a 560 MHz GHz processor, 128 MB RAM, 32 MB flash memory, HTML5 graphics, a suite of applications and kits, and multifunctional adapter widgets.

The controller features five standard applications that you can download and commission with a web browser.

Important: Only use the controller as an operating control. Design additional precautions into the control system where failure or malfunction of the controller could lead to personal injury or damage to the controlled equipment or other property. Incorporate and maintain other devices that warn of or protect against controller failure or malfunction, such as supervisory, alarm systems, safety, or limit controls.
Figure 1. FW-VAV controller
Callout Description
1 24 VAC, Class 2 supply power
2 Analog output terminals
3 Digital output terminals
4 RP-SMA female antenna jacks
5 Dual port pressure sensor fitting with bidirectional flow
6 Manual override button
7 Controller coupler
8 Coupler bolt
9 Universal inputs terminals
10 Sensor Actuator (SA) bus terminals
11 SA bus modular port: RJ-12 6-pin modular jack
12 SVC button
13 Captive spacer and screw
14 Alignment marks
15 Ethernet ports
16 LED indicators PWR Lights to indicate the controller is powered
ERR Blinks at various rates to indicate an error type
STS Blinks to indicate normal operation
TXRX Blinks to indicate data transmission
For more information on LED indications, see LED states.