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Adhere the following guidelines when you mount the FW-VAV:
Note: When the air supply to the VAV box is below 10°C (50°F), ensure that condensation on the VAV box, particularly on the damper shaft, does not enter the VAV controller.
  • Mount the controller in an area where there are no corrosive vapors and where the ambient conditions match the conditions specified in Technical specifications.
  • Ensure that the mounting surface can support the controller and any enclosure or electronics.
  • Mount the controller on a hard, flat surface. Use shims or washers to mount the controller securely and evenly on an uneven mounting surface.
  • For adequate ventilation and for cable and wire access and placement, leave at least 50 mm (2 in). around and in front of the controller.
  • If you install this controller to replace another, plug the unused open hole in the duct work from the original controller mount. To plug the hole, use the sheet metal screw from the original installation.
For panel or enclosure mounting, observe the following additional guidelines:
  • Do not install the controller in an airtight enclosure.
  • Leave enough space around the controller so you can remove the cover.
  • To avoid excessive heat radiation, leave enough space between the controller and the power transformer and other devices.