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FW-08V Quick Start Guide

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EasyIO FW-08V series 8 point variable air volume controller
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Quick Start Guide
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The FW-08V is an input/output controller with IP network, Ethernet, MS/TP, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Use this guide to learn more about the following topics:
  • Understanding the controller components
  • Mounting the controller on a DIN rail or enclosure base plate
  • Installing the antennas
  • Viewing a wiring diagram of the controller in a system
  • Connecting to the controller with a LAN or Wi-Fi connection
  • Connecting to the controller with the Controller programming tool (CPT) application
  • Connecting to the controller's web server dashboard with CPT graphics
Figure 1. FW-08V, front
Figure 2. FW-08V, back and side
Callout Description
1 DIN rail
2 Enclosure mount
3 Cover screw
4 H and G terminal
5 Universal output (UO) and COM terminals
6 LED indicators PWR Power LED
STS Status LED
TXRX Transmitting or receiving communication LED
For more information about LED states, see FW LED states
RST Reset button. For more information on how to reset the controller, refer to FW Series Commissioning Guide.
SVC Service button
7 RP-SMA female antenna jacks
8 RS485 serial port terminals
9 Antennas
10 Ethernet ports
11 Differential pressure flow sensor
12 Universal input (UI) and COM terminals
13 Mounting clips