Description - EasyIO - LIT-1901212 - EASYIO-FW-08 - EasyIO FW-08 8 point Wi-Fi controller

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EasyIO FW-08 8 point Wi-Fi controller
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Figure 1. FW-08 controller

The FW (Wi-Fi) series controllers feature the latest IT network and security standards and Wi-Fi b/g/n. This series can be used as part of an existing network or as an isolated building management system Wi-Fi network. The dual Ethernet port allows for daisy chain capability within the recommended IT standards.

The FW series supports BACnet IP client/server, BACnet MS/TP client/server, Modbus TCP/RTU M/S as well as Sox, Tcom, P2P, and MQTT. The FW series also features HTML5 ready dashboards and can be programmed live through the EasyIO CPT Tools.

The FW-08 includes four universal inputs (UI) and four analog outputs (AO). For floating control, add the optional FR-02 module. You can expand the input point capacity of the FW-08 with an EasyIO FD-20i. Licenses and annual maintenance are included in the one-time cost of the controller.