Connecting to a controller with Wi-Fi - EasyIO - LIT-12014187 - EASYIO-FT-04A - EasyIO FT-04A 4 point controller

FT-04A Quick Start Guide

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EasyIO FT-04A 4 point controller
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Quick Start Guide
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  1. On the desktop toolbar on your computer, click your Wi-Fi network icon.
  2. Find the controller's SSID, then connect to the controller.
    Note: Your controller's default SSID is a combination of the controller's series letters and the last four characters of the controller's MAC address, for example, FT-012A. You can find the MAC address on the label on the back of the controller.
  3. Enter the default password. For more information, contact your supplier.
  4. To ping the controller, at the command line, enter ping, followed by the controller's IP address.
    Note: For more information on your controller's default IP address, see Primary network default IP address, subnet mask, and gateway.