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Every EasyIO FC controller comes with two RS-485 ports, D1 and D2. For each serial port configuration see Table 1.

Table 1. RS 485 serial port settings
Port number Protocol communications supported Default serial port settings
Port 1 (D1+, D1-)

Modbus or BACnet.

Use DIP switch 1 to select a protocol.

  • DIP 1 off = Modbus RTU
  • DIP 1 on = BACnet MSTP
Baud rate: 19.2 K
Parity: even
Data bit: 8 not editable
Stop bit: 1
Baud rate: 19.2 K
Port 2 (D2+, D2-)

Modbus RTU protocol

Baud Rate: 19.2K
Parity: even
Data bit: 8 not editable
Stop bit: 1

Use port 1 to complete the following tasks:

  • Flash firmware with FwTool.exe
  • Program downloads with the Virtual Device FcVirtualDevice.exe
  • Edit the terminal mode for serial configurations with FwTool.exe

Port 2 communication with legacy Modbus subordinate thermostats is no longer in use. Do not use Port 2 as a generic Modbus master with other third party devices.