OpenVPN Cloud for FS Series controllers - EasyIO - LIT-12013992 - Software Application

EasyIO FS Series OpenVPN Cloud Integration Guide

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Integration Guide
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OpenVPN Cloud is a secure private network connection hosted in the cloud. OpenVPN Cloud is preferred over other VPN services and the previous OpenVPN service due to the following benefits:
  • You do not need to configure incoming port forwarding, a firewall, or DMZ (Demilitarized zone) at the router level because the FS Series controller connects to the cloud with a safer outgoing connection.
  • You do not need additional VPN software or hardware, you only need an internet connection. OpenVPN Cloud uses the FS Series controller's built-in VPN software.
  • You lower implementation costs with use of dynamic IP addresses on remote sites.
  • You can use up to three free connections with the service.
  • The service only charges by the number of connections.