Setting up an OpenVPN Cloud host connector laptop or computer - EasyIO - LIT-12013992 - Software Application

EasyIO FS Series OpenVPN Cloud Integration Guide

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  1. To create a new host, in the OpenVPN Cloud console, complete the following steps:
    1. Create a host.
    2. Name the host.
    3. Optional: Give the host a domain name and description.
    4. To define a connector, select the nearest region.
    5. Deploy the network connector for the operating system that you want.
  2. Dowload, install, and run the OpenVPN Connect app. Ignore the testing phase and complete the configuration without setting up the service.
  3. On the host page, locate the host connector.
  4. Download the .ovpn file.
  5. Launch the OpenVPN connect app.
  6. Import the host .ovpn file to on OpenVPN Connect app. If a connection does not occur automatically, connect to the connector.
  7. To verify that the host or laptop is connected to the OpenVPN Cloud, on hosts page, verify that there is an online connection status.