Setting up an FS Series controller as an OpenVPN network connector - EasyIO - LIT-12013992 - Software Application

EasyIO FS Series OpenVPN Cloud Integration Guide

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  1. In the OpenVPN Cloud console complete the following steps:
    1. Create a new network.
    2. Enter the subnet IP address. This is the same subnet that the FS Series controller connects to.
    3. Optional: Define the domain.
    4. Name the connector and select the closest region.
    5. Deploy the network connector for the operating system you want. The system performs a connection test. At this point, the test will fail. For now, skip the test and continue.
    6. Specify the dedicated service or ports that you want to access via VPN
  2. Find the new network and for the connector display, download a .ovpn file.
  3. To install the .ovpn file on the FS Series controller, complete the following steps:
    1. Open a web browser.
    2. In the address bar, enter the FS Series controller's IP address.
    3. In the User Name and Password fields, enter your user name and password.
    4. From the Plugin list, click Service Config.
    5. Upload the .ovpn file.
    6. To verify the file is uploaded and configured successfully, perform a connection test.
    7. From the Plugin list, click Service Control.
    8. In OpenVPN Cloud, click Enable.
  4. To verify that the FS Series controller connects to OpenVPN Cloud, on the OpenVPN console, ensure your VPN has an online connection status.