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PCX2723 Expansion Input/Output Module Installation Guide

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FX-PCX27 Expansion Input/Output Module
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Installation Guide
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PCXs expand the number of Input/Output points connected to either an FX-PCA, FX-PCG, or FX-PCV programmable controller or to a supervisory controller to monitor and control a wide variety of HVAC equipment.

PCXs operate on an RS-485 BACnet® MS/TP Bus and integrate into Johnson Controls® and third-party BACnet systems. PCXs communicate using the BACnet MS/TP protocol when directly connected to the FC Bus.

Note: With Release 10.1 or later of the Controller Configuration Tool (CCT), PCAs, PCGs, or PCVs can be configured to communicate using either the BACnet MS/TP or the N2 field bus networking protocol. The operation of the PCX is not affected by the selection of the BACnet MS/TP or the N2 protocol in the host controller, when the PCX is connected to the host controller using the SA bus.