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MS/TP Communications Bus for the BCPro System Technical Bulletin

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The Statistics attributes of the MS/TP Field Bus Integration object Diagnostics tab (Advanced View) provide useful information about what is happening on the MS/TP bus. Table 1 describes some of the attributes and values that indicate there is a problem on the bus. For more details on the following attributes, refer to the MS/TP Field Bus Integration Attributes section of the BCPro system Help (LIT-12011905) .

Send the Latch Statistics command to the MS/TP field bus integration before comparing your values to Table 1. If the statistics have already been latched and represent old data, send the Clear Statistics command. Wait a minute or longer for new data to accumulate and send the Latch Statistics command.

BCPro system Help (LIT-12011905) .

Table 1. Statistics Attributes


Error Condition Indicated

Unexpected Frames Rxed

Possible network disruption

Packets Timed Out

Noise, bad wiring, or another device did not respond.

Framing Errors

Noise, bad wiring, or mismatched baud rates

Overrun Errors

This node is too busy.

Header CRC Errors

Noise or bad wiring

Data CRC Errors

Noise or bad wiring

Reply Too Slow Datalink Errors

Another device is slow to respond.

Reply Too Slow Application Errors

The node is too busy to build the reply at this time.

Internal Errors

Low memory or unexpected conditions

Buffer Overflows

The node is trying to send or receive too much at this time.

Lost Token

Network disruption (includes initial startup, so 1 is common)


Problems passing the token message