Counting the COVs - BCPro - LIT-12011908 - General System Information - BCPro System - 4.0

MS/TP Communications Bus for the BCPro System Technical Bulletin

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BCPro System
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You can check the COV report rates on the main device object Diagnostics tab of each device that supports this measurement. The two attributes are COV Tx Rate and COV Rcv Rate. The BACnet Router COV Rcv Rate is the total for all connected networks including the Ethernet and should not exceed 500 per minute. The COV Tx Rate counts only the reports originated by this device. Double clicking on the Trunk object at the top of the tree on the engineering tab displays a list of devices, and the COVs TX, from devices that report this information. For more information on these attributes, refer to the Router Object and the MS/TP Field Device Object in the BCPro system Help.