Wiring - BCPro - Part No. 24-10143-01663 - Field Device - PCV: Programmable VAV Box Controller

CH-PCV1930 VAV Controller Installation Instructions

Product name
PCV: Programmable VAV Box Controller
Document type
Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10143-01663
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  • Risk of Electric Shock
  • Disconnect the power supply before making electrical connections to avoid electric shock.
  • Risque de décharge électrique
  • Débrancher l'alimentation avant de réaliser tout raccordement électrique afin d'éviter tout risque de décharge électrique.
Important: Do not connect supply power to the controller before finishing wiring and checking all wiring connections. Short circuits or improperly connected wires can result in damage to the controller and void any warranty.
Important: Do not exceed the controller electrical ratings. Exceeding controller electrical ratings can result in permanent damage to the controller and void any warranty.
Important: Use copper conductors only. Make all wiring in accordance with local, national, and regional regulations.
Important: Electrostatic discharge can damage controller components. Use proper electrostatic discharge precautions during installation, setup, and servicing to avoid damaging the controller.

For detailed information about configuring and wiring a SA Bus, refer to the MS/TP Communications Bus for the BCPro™ System Technical Bulletin 912011908.