Setting the controller number - BCPro - Part No. 24-10143-01663 - Field Device - PCV: Programmable VAV Box Controller

CH-PCV1930 VAV Controller Installation Instructions

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PCV: Programmable VAV Box Controller
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10143-01663
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Each controller on a network must have a unique number on the subnet where it resides in order to identify it in the Controller Tool for uploading, downloading, and commissioning.

The controller number is set using three rotary switches and may be numbered from 000 to 999. The numbers are ordered from left to right, most significant bit (MSB) to least significant bit (LSB) when the controller is oriented as shown in Figure 1.

In the following figure the switches are set to 4 2 5, designating this controller as controller number 425. The controller number must match the controller number defined in Controller Configuration Tool (CCT) under Define Hardware > Network Settings. The number of the controller can be written in the white squares provided so the controller number can be more easily seen from a distance.

Figure 1. Rotary switch for setting controller numbers