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BCPro Data Server
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About this task

Menu Selection: Insert > Field Device

Inserts one of the following types of field device objects under the selected integration:

To insert a field device select the menu selection:


  1. In the Destination selection, select the parent item for your new item.
  2. In the Definition selection:
    1. Select Assisted Device Definition and click the Invoke Auto Discovery button to discover existing controllers or devices on the network.
      Note: In the Wizard Auto Detect Utility window, if Results are from a previous discovery appears next to the Close button, the displayed results are from the last time a discovery was run. These cached results may not reflect all items currently on the network. To clear the old results and perform a new auto discovery, click Restart. Click any column header to sort discovered devices.
    2. Select Manual Device Definition and select the desired address from the menu.
  3. In the Identifier selection, enter a unique identifier.
  4. In the Configure selection, click any tabs that may appear for further device configuration.
  5. Click Finish to confirm the field device configuration.
    Note: If the navigation tree does not automatically update for defined points after adding a field device using Auto Discovery (+ sign appears next to device in tree) select Refresh All Tabs on the Action Menu to update.
    See one of the following sections for more information: