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BCPro Data Server

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BCPro Data Server
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Specifies a list of resolvable host names or IP addresses of SNTP server devices that the Site Director uses as its time server. Periodically, the site director attempts to synch time from an SNTP server from this list. Contact with an SNTP server is attempted one at a time in list order until one successful contact is made. A host name may be specified only if a DNS server is available to the site server.

Note: The Site Director provides the time management for the site.
Note: On the Router or Gateway, only the first listed address is used.
Note: An error message appears when you have configured one or more Site Time Servers and attempt to change the time and date using the Set Time and Set Date commands.
Note: The BACnet Router accepts BACnet Time Sync messages only if no SNTP server is defined for that router.
Note: The Site Time Servers attribute must be set to an SNTP server to facilitate synchronization when in Multicast mode. Only the first Site Time Server is used if more than one is specified in Multicast mode.

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