Reset Device - BCPro - LIT-12011905 - Server - BCPro Data Server - 4.0

BCPro Data Server

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BCPro Data Server
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User Guide
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  • APDU Retries

  • APDU Segment Timeout

  • APDU Timeout

  • BACnet IP Port

  • Computer Name

  • Domain Name

  • Max APDU Length

  • Network Address

  • Port Number

  • Time Sync Period

Note: When you update the time servers, you do not need to reset the Router; however, if you change any direct connect, internal modem, or external modem attributes, reset the Router.

When the Router requires a reset, Reset Needed appears in the title bar of the object in the display panel. The Reset Needed status is triggered by Reset Needed (19) and Cold Reset Needed (20) in the JCI System Status (Set 25).

Important: Do not push the RE-BOOT SYSTEM switch on the Router to initiate a reset to address a Reset Needed status. Pushing the RE-BOOT SYSTEM switch initiates CPU reset and reboot, which causes all unsaved data to be lost (including recent attribute value changes).

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