Upgrade Log - BCPro - LIT-12011905 - Server - BCPro Data Server - 4.0

BCPro Data Server

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BCPro Data Server
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User Guide
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Menu Selection: View > Upgrade Log

Use this viewer to see the results of archive database upgrade activities. The Upgrade Log View in the BCT displays log message types that are selected from the type options (Information, Warning and/or Error). A valid time range is selected in the Date Range area and can be reset by pressing the Reset button. Available archives can be selected in the Archives area.

The entries are displayed in table format with type, date, archive, version, message, and source columns. Warning entries are highlighted in yellow and errors entries are highlighted in red. To sort the rows in ascending or descending order, click the column headings. Highlight and double-click an entry to bring up the View Upgrade Log Entry dialog box. Navigational arrows allow you to navigate through entries forward and backward and from beginning to end.

Click the Copy button to copy one or more selected entries; copied entries can be pasted into Excel, WordPad or other similar application. Click the Purge button to delete selected entries in the upgrade log. Before purging entries, a dialog box appears warning you that this option clears all entries in the upgrade log and cannot be undone.

To refresh the upgrade log view, right-click the panel header and click Refresh; or click the Action menu and click Refresh. Refresh also expands any columns that are not accommodating the text within.