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Determines the order by importance for all commands sent. If the All Commands Priority option is not selected, the commands are sent at each individual priority specified in the Action Tbl attribute. If the All Commands Priority option is selected, then every item in the Action Table is sent a command at the priority specified. For example, if the command chosen is Operator Override, the command priority automatically sets to Operator Override (8) for every item listed in the Action Table. When the All Commands Priority option is selected, you cannot change the command priority within the Action Table.

An object defined in the Action Tables must use commands greater than Priority 16 (default) if no Relinquish Default attribute is defined for that object. Otherwise, commands sent at Priority 16 to objects without a Relinquish Default will not be accepted by that object. Commands with a lower priority number are of higher priority (importance) or are more critical than commands with a higher priority number. For example, Manual Life Safety (1) is of higher priority than Scheduling (15).

If the Commands Priority is defined as 16 (Default), then any existing commands from Scheduling (15) through Priority 9 (9) will be released when the command is sent.

The Commands Priority uses the priorities in the Write Priority (Set 1).

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