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The Interlock object provides a means to establish conditional control over one or more other objects. It consists of an IF conditional statement, True command statements, and False command statements. Through these statements, the user specifies a set of conditional checks (using one or more points) for which a series of commands is used to control a collection of one or more other objects.

Three essential parameters of the IF conditional statement, shown in the following list, determine the Interlock object’s mode of operation:
  • list of attribute references
  • constants
  • operators

This object allows a user to place a VAV controller in the occupied mode whenever the main fan is on and in the occupied mode.

For general information on BCPro system objects, see Common Object Attributes.

For information on the logic used in the interlock object, see the Logic attribute description.

For more information on the wizard used to insert Interlock objects, see Insert Object - Interlock.