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In the online UI, the Domain Name of a Gateway is specified directly on the Network tab. Change the Domain Name only if you are working with a newly installed Gateway. If you change the Domain Name at any other time, you may invalidate object references on other devices to the Gateway.

If a DHCP server is present and configured, the Domain Name changes automatically. If the name resolution method for a site is a host file or DNS completion domains are used, you can leave the Domain Name field blank. If the site uses DNS name resolution, the combination of the computer name dot domain name (Computer Name.Domain Name) should resolve to the Gateway’s IP address.

If you write the value of this attribute in the UI, a BCPro Confirmation dialog box appears, stating that the changes you have made will cause the device to reset, and will cause any unsaved data in other user interface display panels to be lost. Click OK to continue, or click Cancel to return to Edit mode.

Note: Periods (.) are allowed in Domain Names.

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