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Important: The Computer Name must start with a letter, end with either a letter or a number, and may contain dashes only in the interior of the name. Failure to follow the name restrictions results in the Computer Name value changing when a Gateway is updated.

Both the Computer Name and Name attributes default to the object identifier you used during manual object creation; however, do not confuse the Computer Name attribute with the Name attribute. Changing the Gateway Name attribute does not impact the object references or network communication with other devices on the site.

Changing the Computer Name online breaks any existing references between the Gateway object and other objects on the site, and may break the existing network connection to other devices on the network. We do not recommend changing the Computer Name online. If you change the Computer Name attribute in the BCT (right-click the Gateway in the navigation tree and select Rename), both the Computer Name and Name attributes are changed to the new name you select. The Item Reference then updates to show the new Computer Name. Download the updated database to the renamed device and any other devices that refer to the renamed device.

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