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BCPro Data Server
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The values are:

  • Good - Battery is operating at normal specifications. Provided the battery is fully charged, it should supply backup power to the Gateway three times a day for 6 minutes each time.

  • Service - Battery useful life is predicted to end soon. We recommend you replace the battery. Backup power lasts less than 72 hours.

  • Replace - Battery useful life is over. Replace the battery. Backup power may fail if the battery is not charged fully.

  • Defective - Battery is either missing, disconnected, incorrectly installed, or the battery is internally shorted or otherwise defective. Take corrective action. Backup power is not provided for any duration.

After a line power failure, the battery is used to supply power to the device so the device can perform an orderly shutdown without losing data. After the device shutdown process finishes, the device discontinues its use of battery power. Valid data is provided only on the Gateway hardware. Under device simulation, the value is Fault.

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