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BCPro Data Server
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User Guide
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Specifies the notification class used for handling and generating event notifications for this object. Notification occurs based on the value of the Records Since Notification attribute. The Notification Class attribute implicitly refers to a Notification Class object that has a Notification Class property with the same value. If the class number references a non-existent Notification object, no Notification occurs.

When the Notification Class attribute is written online, the Notification Object Reference is updated to the Object Reference of the Notification Class object with that instance number, if found. If the Notification Class object for a Johnson Controls proprietary object is not found, the reference is left blank.

If both the Notification Object Reference and the Notification Class attributes are written simultaneously online (or both are configured and downloaded), the Notification Class attribute value is set to the value that was written to the Notification Object Reference, and the Notification Class value in the write message is ignored.

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